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Oriental Systems Company is a Hong Kong based company having several years experience and expertise in providing IT solutions to retail logistics companies. We specialize in the development and implementation of software and network solutions. We provide various cost-efficient solutions for manufacturing, logistics & order processing operations.

We take pride in having a team of quality and professionalism. They are initiative, analytical and technical people aiming at achieving successful business solutions. Our uniqueness in the software design lies in our expertise and experience in different workflow, and our ability to link them into integrated systems and to implement them in practice with the client's objectives in mind. Smooth transition will be guaranteed and worked out with customers together.


Full Computerized Logistics Operations

Oriental Systems Company is confident in providing electronic service for years. We are able to develop full-scaled computerized working platform for logistics companies. The real implementation cases were shown as following, electronic transportation advices, receiving and delivery order in operations process, brief scanning in receiving order and final scanning in delivery order at loading base, barcode scanning and wireless tracking installation in warehouses inventory system, track-and-trace real-time positioning system in order transportation, semi-automatic picking system for order arrangement in warehouses management, etc.


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